Offer to help

Do you want to give a bit of your time to help and support the Ukrainian people, whether they are in the EU or in Ukraine? 

Get involved by hosting a refugee family, helping a Ukraine support association near you or participating in a Ukraine support event.

Welcoming a refugee family

Nearly 2 million Ukrainians have fled the conflict zone in a few days, and this number will continue to increase. The European Union gave the right of residence to all Ukrainians automatically for 3 years. We now have to house them, all over Europe: if you are able to help, register and we will put you in touch with organizations in need.

I would like to host a refugee family at my home

Make a financial donation

Many organizations need funds in these times of crisis. We've listed trusted organizations you can donate to knowing your donation will have an impact.

I want to make a financial donation

Donate in kind

The Ukrainian population is in a very precarious situation: any donation (hygiene products, non-perishable food, etc.) is very useful. Depending on your type of donation, we will redirect you to different associations near you to make this donation.

I would like to make a donation in kind

Participate in an event

Many events are organized across Europe. Attending these events shows your support to the Ukrainian cause and promotes this issue to EU governments.

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