I support Ukraine

Citizens support network between the EU and Ukraine

Why I Support Ukraine ? 

Following the Russian armed offensive on Ukrainian territory, European countries and European citizens are massively demonstrating their attachment to peace and sovereignty of Ukraine. Many of us feel powerless in the face of this war. I Support Ukraine (isupportukraine.eu) gathers available means of action so that European citizens can take concrete action

How does it work?

I support Ukraine connects people wishing to help the Ukrainian people, in the EU and in Ukraine, and organizations in need of volunteers to welcome families, participate in events and support Ukrainian NGOs. 

  • Do you you want to give a bit of your time to help and support the Ukrainian people, whether they are in the EU or still in Ukraine? Click here  and discover the various actions you can take to concretely help the Ukrainian people: participation in marches, welcoming Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, supporting Ukrainian NGOs based across Europe, etc. 
  • If you are a civil society organization supporting the Ukrainian people, click here  and fill in the questionnaire to signal your needs and your situation. We will therefore be able to redirect volunteers willing to help to your organization.    
  • If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine, click here and we will redirect you to the official website of Ukrainian embassies in European countries. 

Who are we ?

Support Ukraine is a network of mutual aid that is entirely free, respectful of personal data and managed by committed citizens. We also want to do our part to support the Ukrainian people.

Help us by speading the word around you: