Organizations helping Ukrainians refugees by country

Ukrainians embassies in the EU lost their Internet infrastructure: their official website and email do not work anymore. You can contact them here:

If you need more help as a refugee, you can get in touch with other organizations accross Europe, like NGOs and humanitarian associations. Here is a list of trusted organizations you can refer to: 

In Poland

Polish Red Cross (in collaboration with the Ukrainian Red Cross)

Provides: food, blankets distributions, medical help, donations

In Polish cities of Medyka, Przemyśl, Korczowa, Krościenko and Budomierz, Zosin, Dołhobyczów, Hrebenne and Dorohusk & in Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Lutsk through humanitarian convoys.

    Caritas Polska

    Provides: food, blankets and medical help at the Ukrainian border checkpoints, places to stay in Polish cities of Katowice and Voivodeship

      In Moldova

      Doctors without borders

      In Germany

      Germany Red Cross

      Provides: camp beds, sleeping mats, hygiene packs (5 people for 1 month) in Lublin, Poland